Vibratool collects data from each of the six axes 5,000 times per second. Data are stored in the internal memory, for later output to a USB-stick.

When a USB-stick is inserted, it is possible to save data. Push the save button on the screen and wait until the storage is completed, then the data is collected within the last 10 seconds are stored on the USB-stick. When storing data is completed, Vibratool returns to normal display mode.

For a second data dump just press save again. Data dump are stored in a folder named ‘1’, the second in folder ‘2’, etc. The maximum numbers of folders are 99.

It is recommended to delete data files on the USB-stick after each session, to avoid mixing data from two different vehicles.


PC program for analysing data


The program offers a myriad of opportunities to analyse the collected data. Data from the sensors can be displayed together in a picture or in a single picture.


Filters can be inserted to remove unwanted high frequencies, and display a spectral distribution of frequencies in the graph. You can zoom in and out, and each of the 6 axes can be turned ON/OFF. All of this in order to better determine the cause of the vibration.